Stenoglottis longifolia

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Stenoglottis longifolia

Common Name: The Long-Leafed Stenoglottis
Scented: no
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: cool
Blooms: autumn
Flower Size: 1cm to 1.2cm

A medium to large sized, robust and stout terrestrial, epiphyte or lithophyte that is closely allied to Stenoglottis fimbriata as it may be synonymous, albeit the plant is much more robust than Stenoglottis fimbriata. It is a cool growing terrestrial or lithophyte from Natal and Zululand, South Africa in humus or on mossy rocks and rock outcroppings at elevations of 300m to 1300m with numerous oblanceolate or narrowly oblong, acute, light green leaves that have undulate margins in a basal rosette and it blooms in autumn on an erect, terminal, 35cm long, racemose, many flowered inflorescence that has a few scattered sheaths along the scape, occurring in the summer and autumn. Grow in a fast draining medium such as coarse sandy soil and leaf mold, give cool to cold temperatures, moderate light and ample water while growing and a lessening after leaf fall in the winter and then restart as the new leaves appear.

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