Oncidium longipes

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Oncidium longipes

Common Name: The Long Column Foot Oncidium
Scented: no
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: intermediate to hot
Blooms: summer to autumn
Flower Size: 2.2cm to 3.5cm
Synonyms: Alatiglossum longipes ( Lindl. & Paxton ) Baptista 2006; Kleberiella longipes (Lindl.) V.P.Castro & Cath. 2006; Oncidium biflorum Barb. Rodr. 1881; Oncidium hasslerii Cogn. 1906; Oncidium janeirense Rchb. f. 1954; Oncidium longipes var. monophyllum Regel 1863; Oncidium monophyllum (Regel) Herter 1956; Oncidium oxyacanthosmum Rchb. f. ex L. Linden 1882; Oncidium uniflorum var. robustum Regel 1856

Found in Southern Brazil and Paraguay in cool montane forests as well as the lowlands along river banks as a small sized, cool to hot growing epiphyte with oval, elongate pseudobulbs with one or two, apical, linear-oblong, mucronate leaves and blooms with an erect, short to 15cm fractiflex, loosely 2 to 6 flowered raceme occurring in the summer through autumn. Said to be very similar or conspecific with O. uniflorum. Mount in tree fern or pot with a finer mixture, give hot to cool temperatures, high humidity, bright indirect light and good air circulation. Water often while growing and then less as the pseudobulbs mature for a dry winter rest.

This species has two similar orchid relatives, O. uniflorum and O. regentii but differs in the larger than 20cm plant, an inflorescence much shorter than the leaf, large flowers 3.5cm from dorsal to lateral sepal, a lip that is slightly smaller than the lateral petals, large lateral lobes of the lip in relation to the midlobe, a round isthmus with ciliate margins, a column larger than 5mm, a large stigma and a tabula infrastigmata that is longer than wide.

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