Laelia bradei

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Laelia bradei (not my photo)

Code: L.0x0000

Common Name: Brade's Laelia
Scented: no
Light Requirements: partial sun
Temperature Requirements: cool to intermediate
Blooms: summer and autumn
Flower Size: 2cm
Synonyms: Hoffmannseggella bradei (Pabst) V.P.Castro & Chiron 2002; Sophronitis bradei (Pabst) C. Berg & M.W. Chase 2000

Found in Minas Gerais, Brazil as a miniature "rupicolous" lithophyte at elevations of 1200m to 1300m in cracks and crevasses with cylindrical pseudobulbs carrying 2, apical, elliptic, fleshy, leaves with incurved margins that blooms on an erect, terminal, 6cm long, laxly few flowered inflorescence occurring in the winter in nature and the summer and autumn in cultivation in the north.

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