Laelia anceps

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Laelia anceps (not my photo)

Common Name: Two-edged Laelia
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: intermediate to hot
Blooms: autumn to spring
Flower Size: 6.25cm to 10cm
Synonyms: Amalia anceps (Lindl.) Heynh. 1846 ; Amalias anceps [Lindley] Hoffmannsegg 1842; Bletia anceps [Lindley] Rchb.f 1863; Cattleya anceps [Lindley]Beer 1854; Laelia barkeriana Knowles & Westc. 1837;

This is a medium sized, hot to warm growing species from Mexico and Honduras and is found from altitudes of 500m 1500m as an epiphyte in coffee plantations, pastures, oak and pine forests with a solitary leaf in tall scattered oaks, or on rocks below them or in pastures and coffee plantations, often in full sunlight, with ovate-oblong, compressed, edges acute, flattened-sides ribbed pseudobulbs carrying 1 or rarely 2, apical, oblong-lanceolate, leathery, acute leaves that is an autumn to spring blooming plant with 3 to 6 scented, long-lasting flowers in a terminal cluster, per 60cm to 120cm long, alternately sheathed inflorescence, that needs a dry winter rest.

This is a truly great hardy drought-tolerant species from Eastern Mexico with fantastic flowers, L. anceps is a Christmas bloomer, angular 4" bulbs with a solitary thick dark green 8" leaf, long 2 ft. spikes each with clusters of 2 to 5 flowers, the very showy 4" to 5" blooms are pale lavender with an intense crimson lip that has a yellow/red striped center, very easy to grow and fragrant, does very well outdoors down to 0C.

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