Euchile mariae

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Euchile mariae (not my photo)

Code: ECH.0x0000, ECH.0x0001

Common Names: Marie's Epidendrum
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial sun
Temperature Requirements: cold to cool
Blooms: spring and summer
Flower Size: 5 to 8cm
Synonyms: Encyclia mariae [Ames] Hoenhe 1952; *Epidendrum mariae Ames 1937; Prosthechea mariae (Ames) W.E.Higgins 1997 publ. 1998

A warm to cool growing, medium sized, pendant epiphyte with 2 to 3, towards the apex, waxy gray, oblong or elliptic-oblong, acute foliage and ovoid, clustered, pseudobulbs is found at altitudes of 1000 to 1200 metres in dry oak forests in North-West Mexico only, is best mounted on wood, and blooms in spring and summer with fragrant flowers on an apical, 5 to 27cm long, suberect to arching, few (1 to 5) flowered inflorescence and is a semi-deciduous plant that requires a dry winter rest, moderate light and mounting on wood or tree fern.

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