Eria densa

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Eria densa (not my photo)

Code: ERIA.0x0001

Common Name: The Dense Eria
Scented: no
Light Requirements: partial sun
Temperature Requirements: cool to hot
Blooms: summer
Flower Size: 5mm
Synonyms: Urostachya densa (Ridl.) Rauschert 1983

Found in Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra from montane forests and in lowlands at elevations of 1300m to 2500m as a medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with tall thick, cylindrical stems with a few to 4, apical, lanceolate to strap-shaped, thin but tough, gradually narrowing below into the indistinct petiolate base leaves and can bloom at most any time but mostly in the summer with several, to 18cm long, racemose, arching, densely numerous flowered inflorescence arising from the nodes near the apex of the stem.

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