Epidendrum peperomia

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Epidendrum peperomia (not my photo)

Common Names: The Peperomia-Like Epidendrum
Scented: no
Light Requirements: deep shade
Temperature Requirements: cool to hot
Blooms: winter, spring, summer and autumn
Flower Size: 2.5cm
Synonyms: Epidendrum gnomus Schlechter 1921; Epidendrum lambeauanum De Wild. 1904; Epidendrum matthewsii Rchb.f 1876; Epidendrum porpax Rchb.f 1855; Epidendrum porphyrophyllum Schlechter 1922; Nanodes gnomus (Schltr.) Brieger 1977; Nanodes matthewsii [Rchb.f] Rolfe 1892; Nanodes porpax (Rchb. f.) Brieger 1960; Nanodes porpax (Rchb. f.) Brieger & Lückel 1978; Neolehmannia mathewsii (Rchb. f.) Garay 1977; Neolehmannia peperomia (Rchb. f.) Garay & Dunst. 1976; Neolehmannia porpax [Rchb.f] Garay & Dunsterville 1976

Found from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil in pine and oak forests at altitudes of 600 to 2700 metres as a dwarf, epiphytic, warm to cool growing, reed-stem herb which forms large mats of clustered leafy stems carrying coriaceous-fleshy, distichous, oblong, obtuse or emarginate leaves that can bloom at any time with large, one to a few flowers on a terminal inflorescence emerging from between the apical leaves and subtended by bracts. This species has no pseudobulbs, instead it is a stem growing to 8cm long with a series of alternating, succulent leaves suffused with pearl if given bright light. Can be mounted on treefern or in a suspended pot with a coarse mix to allow the roots to get air. It can then grow out and over the edge of the pot and makes an impressive display when blooming. Grow warm to cool with bright light to partial full sun, ample water while growing and misting through the winter instead of a watering.

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