Dockrillia rigida

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Dockrillia rigida

Common Name: The Rigid-Leafed Dockrillia, The Smooth Tongue Orchid, The Smooth Tick Orchid
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial sun
Temperature Requirements: intermediate to hot
Blooms: winter to spring
Flower Size: 1cm to 1.5cm
Synonyms: Callista rigida [R. Br.] O. Ktze. 1891; Dendrobium desmotrichoides J.J.Sm. 1908; Dendrobium rigidum R. Brown 1810; Dockrillia desmotrichoides (J.J.Sm.) Brieger 1981

This succulent-like plant comes from Queensland Australia and New Guinea at elevations below 700m in low hilly inland ranges, low savannahs, rainforests and mangroves and is a definite, hot to warm growing, miniature epiphyte with much branching, erect, drooping or pendulous, 1 to 3 noded stems carrying a single apical, fleshy, ovate or obovate, apiculate, acute or obtuse leaf. It blooms through the winter and spring on a 5cm or less long, one to six flowered inflorescence that has tiny yellow and orange, heavily scented, inverted flowers. This species is best mounted on tree fern or cork to accommodate the pendant growth habit. Water heavily from spring through autumn and then slack off for a drier winter. Watch for slugs and snails they seem to be attracted to the fleshy pseudobulbs.

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