Dendrobium tortile

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Dendrobium tortile (not my photo)

Common Name: The Twisted Dendrobium
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial sun
Temperature Requirements: cool to hot
Blooms: late winter to early summer
Flower Size: 7cm to 8cm
Synonyms: Dendrobium dartoisianum De Wild 1906; Dendrobium haniffi Ridl. ex Burkill 1924

Found in Assam India, Bangladesh, Andaman Islands, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at elevations around 1220m as a small to medium-sized, hot to cool, ascending to pendant growing epiphyte, terrestrial or lithophyte with club to spindle shaped, grooved and medially flattened stems with tubular leaf sheaths carrying 3 to 4, thin, deciduous, curved, leathery, sharply pointed leaves that blooms on an axillary, 4cm to 8cm long, few [2 to 3] flowered inflorescence arising from the upper leaf axils of leafless canes with long-lasting, fragrant flowers occurring in the late winter and early summer. Water and fertilizer should be drastically reduced in the winter months and resumed with the onset of new growth in the spring.

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