Dendrobium exile

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Dendrobium exile (not my photo)

Common Name: The Slim Dendrobium
Scented: yes, talcum powder
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: cool to intermediate
Blooms: ???
Flower Size: 2.5cm
Synonyms: Aporum heterocaulon (Guillaumin) Rauschert 1983; Dendrobium heterocaulon Guillaumin 1965

Found in NW Thailand and SE China in montane forests at elevations of 300 to 1700 meters as a medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with dark greenish, brown stems enveloped by silver gray sheaths and carrying many terete leaves, held close to the stem and towards the apex the leaves are so clustered that the stem appears to be tasseled. This orchid blooms on a 4 to 5cm long, single flowered inflorescence arising from the apical nodes of mature stems and holding the fragrant [talcum powder] flowers close to the leaf ends.

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