Coelogyne tomentosa

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Coelogyne tomentosa

Common Name: The Hairy Coelogyne
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: cool to intermediate
Blooms: variable, mostly summer
Flower Size: 6.25cm
Synonyms: Coelogyne cymbidioides Ridl. 1908; Coelogyne dayana [Rchb.f]Rolfe var massangeana Ridley; Coelogyne densiflora Ridley 1903; Coelogyne massangeana Rchb.f. 1878; Coelogyne tomentosa Lindley var cymbidioides Ridley; Coelogyne tomentosa Lindley var massangeana Ridley; Pleione massangeana (Rchb.f.) Kuntze, 1891; Pleione tomentosa (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891

This species is from the mountain regions of Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java in river valleys at elevations of 1150 to 2100 meters and in montane forests on higher ridges as a warm to cool growing plant with elongate-conical, somewhat angled pseudobulbs when young and turning yellowish green and wrinkled with age carrying a single, apical, plicate, elliptic-obovate, long petiolate leaf that is variable in its flowering but most often occurring in the summer. The flowers are scented and are short lasting and delicate on a terminal, to more than 37.5cm long, pendant, racemose inflorescence arising with a new pseudobulb and leaf with a zig zag rachis and short bracts that has from 20 to 30 flowers. This species is often marketed as C. massangeana.

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