Bulbophyllum spathulatum

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Bulbophyllum spathulatum (not my photo)

Common Name: The Sheathed Bulbophyllum
Scented: no
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: cool to intermediate
Blooms: spring
Flower Size: 1.5cm
Synonyms: *Cirrhopetalum spathulatum Rolfe ex E.Cooper 1929; Rhytionanthos spathulatus (Rolfe ex E.W.Cooper) L.A.Garay, F.Hamer & E.S.Siegerist 1994

Found as a miniature sized, cool to warm growing epiphyte in the Assam, eastern Himalayas, Sikkim, Myanamar, Laos and Vietnam at elevations around 1000 meters in light shade with a woody rhizome with 6cm to 9cm between each cylindric-ovate, narrow, suberect to oblique pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, coriaceous, oblong-elliptical, obtuse to subacute, petiolate base leaf and blooms in the spring on a basal, stout, 2cm long inflorescence with broadly tubular, imbricate sheaths and oblong-ovate to lanceolate, acute floral bracts all carrying the few, 4+ in an umbel, ephemeral flowers, and needs to be mounted to accommodate the sprawling growth habit.

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