Bulbophyllum putidum

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Bulbophyllum putidum (not my photo)

Code: BULB.0x0002 (2010-05-08)

Common Name: The Putrid Mastigion
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: warm to hot
Flower Size: 15 to 20cm
Synonyms: Bulbophyllum fascinator [Rolfe]Rolfe 1908; Cirrhopetalum fascinator Rolfe 1908; *Cirrhopetalum putidum Teijsm. & Binn. 1862; Cirrhopetalum ornatissimum Auct. non Rchb.f 1898; Mastigion fascinator (Rolfe) Garay, Hamer & Siegerist 1994; Mastigion putidum (Teijsm. & Binn.) Garay, Hamer & Siegerist 1994

This species has incredible blooms that move, wave, and wiggle, it is found in peninsular Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in primary montane forests at elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters with 2 to 3cm between each elliptic, olive green pseudobulb carrying a single, apical oblong-elliptic, sessile leaf that blooms in the summer and autumn on a basal, erect, 14cm long, single-flowered inflorescence with membraneous, lanceolate floral bract. It is a warm to hot grower and I have potted them in wood slat baskets with some tree fern. Give it shade, moist conditions, and plenty of air movement. The trick is to let the newest growth be close to the wood basket and the oldest in the center. This way the new growth attaches to the wood and is more likely to bloom.

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