Barbosella australis

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Barbosella australis (not my photo)

Code: BAR.0x0000

Common Name: The Southern Barbosella
Scented: no
Light Requirements: deep shade
Temperature Requirements: cool
Blooms: late summer
Flower Size: 5cm
Synonyms: Barbosella australis var. loefgrenii (Cogn.) Hoehne 1947; Barbosella loefgrenii (Cogn.) Schltr. 1918; *Restrepia australis Cogn. 1906; Restrepia loefgrenii Cogn. 1906

Found in Southern Brazil as a cool growing, creeping epiphyte that has a long stalk that is erect and single flowered arising from the papery bract at the basal leaf whorl, occurring in the late summer. It holds the single flower well above the leaves.

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