Angraecum leonis

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Angraecum leonis (not my photo)

Common Name: Leon's Angraecum
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial sun
Temperature Requirements: hot
Blooms: winter
Flower Size: 7.5cm long, 5cm to 7.5cm diameter
Synonyms: *Aeranthes leonis Rchb.f 1885; Aeranthus leonis Rchb.f; Angraecum humblotii Rchb.f 1885; Angraecum leonii [Rchb.f]Andre` 1885; Macroplectrum humblotii' Finet 1907; Macroplectrum leonis [Rchb.f] Finet 1907; *Mystacidium leonis Rolfe 1904.

Found in the Comoros Islands as a medium sized, hot growing fan-shaped epiphyte at an altitude of 200m to 1200m on the island of Madagascar with a short, stout stem with 4 to 5, distichous, narrowly ensiform, spreading, falcate, flattened, fleshy-coriaceous leaves that blooms in the winter on 1 to 2, axillary, racemes that have an erect or suberect, stout, bracteate, shorter inflorescence arising from the second or third leaf base, with 1 to 7, fragrant, long-lasting flowers.

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