Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta

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Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta (not my photo)

Common Name: The Beige Aerangis with Red Spots
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: intermediate
Blooms: winter and spring
Flower Size: 2.5cm to 3.1cm
Synonyms: Aerangis albido-rubra [DeWild]Schlecter 1918; Aerangis rhodistica [Krzl]Schlechter 1918; Angorchis rhodosticta (Kraenzl.) Kuntze 1903; Angraecum albidorubrum De Wild. 1916; Angraecum luteo-album Kraenzl. 1895; Angraecum mirabilis Hort. ?; *Angraecum rhodisticum Kraenzel 1899; Rhaphidorhynchus luteo-albus (Kraenzl.) Finet 1907

This miniature to just small sized, epiphytic species is found in the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in riverine forests on small twigs and branches of bushes and trees, rarely on trunks at elevations of 1250m to 2200m and appreciates a humid environment. Aerangis leuto-alba has flattened roots, a very short stem carrying several spreading, more or less distichous, linear, curved, fleshy, unequally bilobed apically leaf that are all set in the same plane leaves and can be mounted on cork or tree fern. They can bloom in the winter or spring and they have fragrant flowers in two flat rows, on a axillary, to 40cm long, fractiflex, arching or pendulous inflorescence with small floral bracts. In the summer the plant is in full growth and they need high humidity and plenty of water and fertilizer until mid autumn when it should be reduced, but not to the point of being dry.

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