Aerangis modesta

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Aerangis modesta (not my photo)

Common Name: The Modest Aerangis
Scented: yes
Light Requirements: partial shade
Temperature Requirements: hot
Blooms: spring to early summer
Flower Size: 2.5cm
Synonyms: Aerangis crassipes Schlechter 1918 ; Aerangis modesta O.Ktze. 1914; Angorchis modesta (Hook. f.) Kuntze 1891; *Angraecum modestum Hkr. 1883; Angraecum sanderianum Rchb.f 1888; Rhaphidorhynchus modestus (Hook. f.) Finet 1907; Rhaphidorhynchus modestus var. sanderianus (Rchb. f.) Poiss. 1912

A small-sized, Madagascan and Comoran species that occurs at altitudes of 100m to 1500m as a hot to warm growing epiphyte with 15cm or shorter stems carrying obovate, fleshy-coriaceous, bilobed apically leaves and blooms in the spring to early summer on a to 50cm long, pendant inflorescence with 6 to 15 well spaced, waxy, fragrant, long-lived flowers, often with the apical flower opening first and being the largest.

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